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healthy eating pyramid
The description of the healthy eating pyramid is one of effective teaching methods to properly present dietary diversity needed to develop a good preventive nutrition. In this pyramid, the base energy intake (about 60% of total contributions) consists of complex plant products (cereals, pulses, potatoes, various starches, fruits and vegetables, dried fruit ...) - These foods are to meet the needs of carbohydrate, but also provide additional vegetable protein, animal protein, and a wide variety of non-energy compounds (dietary fiber, minerals, micro-nutrients). An intake of animal products (representing 20-25% of total energy requirements) in the form of meat, eggs, meats, seafood, suitable for balancing energy intake of plant origin. Fats added must consist mainly of vegetable oils balanced essential fatty acids. The proportion of calories that should be as small as possible is at the top of the healthy eating pyramid. These are empty calories of sugar kind, alcohol, saturated fats, starches purified ... This does not mean systematically remove all sources of empty calories and refuse to small pleasures, the core requirements of a basal diet with good nutritional density.

A healthy diet is a component of a lifestyle health promoter. A balanced diet influences the physical and mental well-being and helps prevent diseases.

The recommendations of the healthy eating pyramid are aimed at adults. Certain age groups and specific populations (e.g. Children, pregnant women, elite athletes), as well as the sick or those who want to lose weight, people need different recommendations part. The healthy eating pyramid shows a balanced diet that ensures an adequate intake of energy.

When selecting foods, preference is given to seasonal and regional products. In the kitchen, it is best to prepare the best food preserving their nutrients. It is also recommended choosing an iodine and fluoride salt and use it sparingly, as the broth, soy sauce....

The meals are not only used to provide the body with energy and nutrients it needs. They are also a source of pleasure, relaxation and exchange social. Take time to eat and drink slowly, stopping any additional activity increases the pleasure and the joy of eating.

Apart from a balanced diet, the following factors promote a healthy lifestyle:

- Move at least half hour a day.
- Go out every day in the open air.
- To provide regular breaks and relax.
- Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol in excess.

The habits do not change from one day to another. To evolve towards a healthy lifestyle, it can be helpful to set small realistic goals and achieve them gradually. Small changes can already contribute to improving the well-being.

There are several and different healthy eating pyramid  for example :

The American recommendations, a "Mediterranean" healthy eating pyramid.
The healthy eating pyramid of the School of Public Health Harvard.
The healthy eating Pyramid of the glycemic index developed by Dr. David Ludwig.

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  1. Good nutrition during pregnancy, and enough of it, is very important for your baby to grow and develop. You should consume about 300 more calories per day than you did before you became pregnant.

    Maureen Muoneke


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